So, the summer season has arrived.  Strangely, though it’s probably the heat, this is the season where most people lose their damn minds and start dressing in clothes that I wouldn’t wear to do laundry.  I’ve seen guys at the bar wearing things like sweat shorts, cheap plastic flip flops, Crocs (!?!) and the worst?  These:

Sorry, kids, but WHAT THE HELL?!   These look awful.  I feel like the person who wears these is some hippie who was kicked out of a store for being barefoot, so they spent $75 to make sure they can still “feel” barefoot.  WHY ARE YOU WEARING THESE IN PUBLIC, PEOPLE?  They are ugly.  They basically make you look like the Borg Queen!  Ugh.

However, I never like to say that you should NEVER wear something.  My mother always said that the key to style is picking appropriate pieces for appropriate venues.  If you are going kayaking or hiking or doing some parkour training, then go ahead and wear these shoes.  If you are going to be doing some sort of Cross Country event or a fun-run?  Go nuts.  But if you are going out shopping or worse – out to eat – then please consider another shoe.  Or be prepared for whispers, bold-faced questions about your weird toe shoes, and staring. (Full disclosure: I don’t own these shoes, nor have I even wanted to)

But – in the event that you wish to own these odd shoes for something athletically appropriate (parkour, kayaking or rafting), then please, check out their website: Vibram FiveFingers