I know that it’s January and that for most people, spring and summer are but distant dreams and the last thing you want to think about right now is shorts and Sperry Top-siders and madras.  Well, you might be thinking about how tasty a madras cocktail would be over mulled wine or hot-buttered rum.  Anyway, there are quite a few new trends that are coming up for Spring and Summer for men.

– Florals.  Now, some men will probably shy away from this one.  I have 2 floral shirts.  And I probably won’t wear either of them.  Because they are both extremely thin and spring around here is not thin fabric weather.  But florals look good on almost anyone and most of the ones I’ve seen for men are subtle or small enough that you could wear them outside of Spring and Summer.

-Suit Separates.  I noticed this on the runway and it’s not that bad a look.  Everyone from Tommy and Ralph to Zegna is doing this.  Pair a dark blazer with lighter trousers (staying in the same fabric family, natch) and you’ve got a fashion-forward look.  Also, it means you have about 5 extra outfits off the basics.

-Backpacks.  Messenger bags are out and backpacks are in.  It’s about bloody time.  I carry a messenger bag, but come March, I’ll be trading in the grey tweed messenger bag for a trendy backpack.  It’s just good sense and better for my back.

-Cuffed shorts.  I cannot endorse this one.  Every guy I see wearing these looks like they are just getting back from playing the back nine at the country club.  Also, they wear loafers with no socks and a shimmery golf shirt and goes to happy hour dressed like that.  In a word: ew.

– And lastly, beach sweaters.  NOT a hoodie.  A tropical lightweight wool sweater perfect for a cool summer night.  Now, I live in Dallas, so I might have to actually purchase this one.  It’d be nice to have on a night out in April when the weather is still cool at night but hot in the evening.  And we’ll be in full-on Daylight Savings Time so it’ll cool down later in the evening, which means I’ll look dumb wearing a heavier jacket.

And so there you have a few trends for the spring and probably the summer.  I’m ok with these.  There are others that I am not.  Actually, I lied.  I’m not okay with cuffed shorts.  Or pleats.  But to each his own.  Just don’t get mad at me if you show up in a Fashion Faux Pas Post.


Where should I start?  Spring fashion is odd.  Well, let me rephrase that.  FASHION IS ODD.  It is – especially the couture stuff.  So, let’s go through some of the big shows from the big designers in alphabetical order:

– Burberry Prorsum:  SAD.  Literally, that is the theme.  It’s supposed to be sort of that “dour, gloomy, melancholy rainy day in March by the seaside.”  Which is nice.  If you happen to be wearing on such a day.  Otherwise, you’re kind of an Eeyore.















It’s modern sadness.  How…well, sad.

– Prada.  HAHAHA.  I love talking to you guys about Prada because honestly, they are a wonderful company, but their couture is SCARY.  If you’ll recall, we looked at last season’s line awhile ago and it was strange with underwear on the outside.  This season, it’s all about too short shirts with too long sleeves.  Yeah. No idea:
















It’s just like wearing those cut-off t-shirts that the gay football jocks always wore in 80’s porn.  There I said it.

Meh.  I’m getting sleepy watching Project Runway, so I’ll cut this off a bit early. But if any of you wanna take a look at the Menswear shows, go to men.style.com.  It’s worth it.