I’ve been thinking about this topic ever since I saw Niles the Butler on The Nanny wear a pair of sock garters and wondered why he would wear them with the advent of elastic to hold socks in their place.  I guess it would be in character for an English Butler (played by a southerner) to wear sock garters as they come off as stodgy and old-fashioned.

And yet, if women wear garter belts or garters, it’s considered sexy.  WHY?  I guess men’s legs aren’t as sexualized as women’s which would explain why men don’t wear high heels, either.  However…I think more men should wear sock garters.  Even though no one really sees them.  Because I know that when I wear my pair of sock garters, it feels like I’m just *that* much closer to being really classy and posh.  Now, there is a place to wear them, and that is not jeans, shorts, or khakis.  I’m thinking a dressier pant needs to be worn with them.  Also, I just like a vintage look (and it don’t get much more vintage than sock garters).

Just don’t wear them where anyone but your significant other can view them, or you may just get laughed at.  Also, keep in mind, they do still serve a practical purpose (as I know my socks fall down a bit during the day).