Where should I start?  Spring fashion is odd.  Well, let me rephrase that.  FASHION IS ODD.  It is – especially the couture stuff.  So, let’s go through some of the big shows from the big designers in alphabetical order:

– Burberry Prorsum:  SAD.  Literally, that is the theme.  It’s supposed to be sort of that “dour, gloomy, melancholy rainy day in March by the seaside.”  Which is nice.  If you happen to be wearing on such a day.  Otherwise, you’re kind of an Eeyore.















It’s modern sadness.  How…well, sad.

– Prada.  HAHAHA.  I love talking to you guys about Prada because honestly, they are a wonderful company, but their couture is SCARY.  If you’ll recall, we looked at last season’s line awhile ago and it was strange with underwear on the outside.  This season, it’s all about too short shirts with too long sleeves.  Yeah. No idea:
















It’s just like wearing those cut-off t-shirts that the gay football jocks always wore in 80’s porn.  There I said it.

Meh.  I’m getting sleepy watching Project Runway, so I’ll cut this off a bit early. But if any of you wanna take a look at the Menswear shows, go to men.style.com.  It’s worth it.


Normally, I don’t really go for Prada. Some of their stuff is truly classic, but then there’s the stuff in the Fall 2008 collection. Let’s start with the visible briefs. I don’t like seeing the boxers peeking over the jeans waistband thing, but at least that’s usually only used for casual dressing. Mostly. And actually, what I hate worse is the boxer briefs showing…it’s not sexy. Underwear should be worn, not seen (except in the bedroom). But then, Prada did this:

Prada Fall 2008

And all I can say is WHY??!!! Who would wear this in public? I mean, I see this all the time at Urban Outfitters. Their cashiers always seem to flash their underwear at me while they fold some shirts with some “witty” phrase emblazoned on them.

And Prada also seems to like the shiny this year. And why? We went through this when men sported the monochrome shimmer during the height of the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” craze. Seriously. Do we really need anymore shiny shirts and ties.

Lastly, Prada has seriously lost touch with anyone on the street with the addition of the following to their collection:

Prada Fall 2008 - Mens

Yes, that’s a mini-skirt worn on the outside of those pants. How emo and gender-bending. EYEROLL. Now all this being said, I do enjoy Prada. And I might even buy some of those stand-alone collars. But how to wear them without looking like a Chippendale’s dancer, I’ll never know.