Argh… I had tickets to 2 shows (the Intermix show last night and the Macy’s show this morning) and missed both of them. Stupid illness. According to my date for both shows, they were both dull although he did add that the INC line from Macy’s had some nice stuff for men this year. I’ll have to take his word for it. Thankfully, he was kind enough to take my tickets and scalp them and pay me my expense back. I’m too broke to be able to throw away $100.

So, looks like I’ll have to wait for October to get here so I can post about the Fall event.

ETA: Only because I just remembered something.  What is with people tucking in shirts without wearing a belt?  It makes your pants look incredibly stupid because there are beltloops there. For a reason.  For a belt.  So wear a stupid belt when you tuck in shirts that are meant to be tucked in.  Or wear the shirt untucked (unless it’s a french-cuff shirt, it doesn’t really matter).