Oy.  I meant to post this one earlier, but the thought only now occured to me.  So, the other week, my puppy peed on my comforter.  My very nice, expensive Dry Clean Only comforter.  Now, I had the opportunity to go ballistic and then when I calmed down I got to call around for a Dry Cleaner’s and pricing.  Oy.

So, I called Bibbentucker’s.  This is a small chain here in Dallas with EXCELLENT customer service.  I mean excellent.  But you pay a price for this.  A man’s shirt is $6.75.  Seriously.  So, they wanted to see the comforter before quoting me a price.  Needless to say, I didn’t.  I was too scared of the sticker shock.

I went to Comet Cleaners.  They claimed they were very good at getting pee out.  I should imagine, given bedwetting.  But, I had tried to sort of dilute the pee first with water, so they had to wash it anyway.  Now, they advised me that in future, the best way to deal with it is to just let it dry and they could wash/dry clean it as soon as possible and the pee would come out.  They took great care of the comforter and strangely, they put it on a hanger.  They also repaired a small hole in it.  I’m going to take my fitted sheet there next because last night I managed to split one of the pocket seams when I was making the bed.  Maybe I shrunk the sheet in the wash?  I’m not sure.

And now, I’ve got to iron something for work tomorrow and get to bed.