Ok, so I’ve had many a blogs out on the internets but most of them have failed because I didn’t give a rat’s ass about updating them and quite frankly, most of them were personal diary type shit and that stuff’s always boring (because no one writes down the good stuff anyway).

I think what made me want to start this blog was mainly that I love fashion, but have literally no one in my everyday life with whom I can talk about it. Well, not without a few blank stares. So, here we go. My very own fashion blog. I’ll start with one of my favorite topics: cleaning.

Ironing shirts is a pain in the ass. And anyone who tells you it isn’t is lying. And they probably take all their stuff to a dry-cleaner’s anyway and just tell you they ironed it themselves. Again, liars. But here are a few ironing tips if you don’t want to go to the dry-cleaner’s:

1. Use sizing not starch – Ok, this tip doesn’t really come from me, it comes from Martha Stewart. But, that doesn’t make it any less valid. Sizing is better than starch in most cases as it helps with shape and body of the garment, but doesn’t provide that stiffness that starch does. Nevertheless, both sizing and starch will build up on your iron.

2. Clean the plate! This should stand to reason, but apparently it doesn’t. Nothing will ruin your shirt faster than gunk that’s been built up over the weeks. You can buy cheap iron cleaner by Faultless (makers of starches) and it’ll clean off the plate of gunk. Also, wipe down your iron with a damp cloth after you iron.

3.Bluing – It’s best to use this with dingy whites that you can’t get clean (like really nice linen, broadcloth or oxfords) with just regular detergent and are too nice for bleach (which can break down the fibers in the fabric). Bluing adds a nice light blue tint to the off-white color and makes it look white (optically at least). Add it to the laundry in the separate area you would use to add bleach to the wash cycle.

4.Fabric Softener is kind of a joke. It does really work, but it can contribute to fading and the breakdown of fibers when used in the wash cycle. That’s why I like dryer sheets. Toss one in and it’ll cut out static clean and because it doesn’t penetrate the fibers, it’ll keep the clothes from degrading.

5. The outdoor clothes drying that your grandmother used? It’s a great way to cut down on your carbon imprint (less energy used for the dryer), but it can make your whites dingy if you live in a densely populated area. Frankly, I just use the dryer. But it’s really your call.

With these tips, you shouldn’t need to go to the dry cleaner’s. But then, if you have a $500 gorgeous white oxford from Ralph Lauren, you might not want to chance it with Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing. Just sayin’