Now that the winter months are finally drawing to a close, it’s time to start looking toward the warmer months.  I live in Dallas, where we get about a whole month of Spring and then it’s Summer.  And so, I’m giving out what I consider to be must have items for the next few months.

First up is the Boat Shoe:

This shoe is perfect for the upcoming warm weather.  It looks great during the morning, lunch, happy hour and casual dinners.  I love it for the Hamptons-esque summer vibe that it gives.  When you wear this shoe, you could go from a leisurely coffee on a Saturday morning to a night out on a hot summer night.  Also, this is a great shoe for those men who want to hide their ugly feet.  A lot of men have ugly feet and toenail issues and this shoe keeps the rest of the public (read: me) from having to see your gnarled toes in flip flops.

The shoe above is available at Sperry for $85.  Not a bad price for a shoe that will take you from happy hour on a cool April evening to a late dinner in September.  Historically, it doesn’t get too cold in Dallas until October, so I can’t beat $85 for 6 months of wear.  You can find cheaper versions of this shoe out there, but when buying shoes, I always think that quality is a better reason for buying than price.  However, if you’re only going to wear them a few nights of the spring/summer, then go for the cheap ones.  No sense in paying a lot for a shoe you know you won’t wear.

What to wear these with?  You can’t go too wrong on these.  Though, I will advise that they look best with a khaki pant/short and a nice button-down shirt or a vintage t-shirt.  Will you look like a douche in these?  If you stick with a classic, preppy outfit, you’ll look fine.  But pair them with Dad Jeans and tucked in polo shirt and you’ll like a laid-off banker.

When should you stay away from these?  If you are going to a place that’s outside, then these are perfect.  If you’ll be sitting in a dark steakhouse with a glass of red wine?  Avoid.  These shoes are more for being outside and having fun, then they are selecting a wine to go with your porterhouse.  Also, don’t wear these to the office, even on a casual Friday.

Next post:  Umbrellas.

Stephen Trendy


Oy. I can’t believe I once again abandoned this blog.  I really need to stay on top of it better than I have been.

So – let’s catch up on this thing.  First, I must say that my time for this blog went downhill upon the acquisition of a boyfriend, who we’ll refer to as R for future reference, as I’m sure he wouldn’t want his name attached to a fashion blog, lol.   I don’t have time on weekends to actually research posts and to actually work on this thing.  I have a few post ideas that have been kicking around for the last few weeks and I think now more than ever, I need an outlet.  I can talk about fashion for weeks, and with the Oscars coming up, I’ll really need to talk about things with someone. I won’t be liveblogging the red carpet or anything, but I will have a Post-Oscars wrap-up (focused on the men, mostly).  So those of you who found this by accident, bookmark this site and I’ll have fresh content up in a few days.

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Stephen Trendy

Oh my, has it really been that long since I’ve updated?  I suppose.  I am currently in the midwest which is where fashion means nothing.  Seriously.  These are people who think that Crocs are appropriate for a Christmas dinner.   My dad’s wife actively encouraged him to wear his new black Crocs to Christmas dinner.  They are not just the regular Crocs.  Nay, these are the ones with the fleece lining.  Thankfully, though my father is not fashion-concsious at all (this is a man who tucks in sweaters, after all), he decided to go with a non-athletic brown sneaker.   Here’s my problem with Crocs: they are ugly.  If you are a woman, they make your legs look dumpy and squat.  If you are a man, they make you look like a male nurse.  There are 3 places you are allowed to wear Crocs: if you actually are a nurse, go for it – it looks like a part of a nurse’s uniform and they work.  If you are a gardener.  I imagine they would be cool and comfortable in the summer and warm in the winter.  If you are at home and need a little houseshoe or something.  THAT IS IT.  I AM SO ANTI-CROCS!

Another thing I’m against is this idea that brown is only a neutral.  Here’s the scenario.  I wore a brown button down shirt and a pair of brown dress pants with a black belt and black shoes.  The black acts as the neutral and the brown is the color.  This is not the same as mixing brown and black shoes and belts as neutrals.   THE BROWN IS THE MAIN COLOR.  IT IS NOT A NEUTRAL IN THIS CASE.  As my idols, Stacy and Clinton always say: It doesn’t need to match, it needs to go.  My outfit went.   Brown is actually quite a good color to use in an outfit.  Very few people look bad in brown and it’s a lot warmer and richer than black.

And lastly – Christmas-themed clothing.   STOP IT.  You can say “Christmas” with your clothing without actually having a Christmas tree on your sweater.  Seriously.  There’s no reason for it.  WE ALL KNOW IT IS CHRISTMAS. We do not need your holly green cable knit sweater with the Rudolph the Reindeer applique on it to let us know it is the holidays.  You know how you do a holiday outfit?  A red cable knit sweater over a nice button-down shirt and a pair of slacks for men.  For women, a nice dress in a bright, rich color preferably in a shiny, shimmery fabric.  That’s it.  No reindeer brooches or earrings in the shape of wreaths.  Or sweaters with Santas on them saying “Ho Ho Ho!”  Of course, with every fashion dictate, there is an exception.  In this case it is teachers.  Elementary school teachers to be exact.  They are allowed to wear that stuff to be cutesy and fun.  But if you are a teacher?  You need to leave that in your school.  Please don’t wear that out in public.

So Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah dear readers.  I’ll probably post a year-end post before the new year!