Fall Line

Sorry for taking so long to get back into blogging. I think I’ll try to write up stuff here more often.  I completely missed blogging about The Fashion Show on Bravo (a channel that is quite in a sad state of programming).  But if you’re interested in Fashion, Project Runway starts in a few weeks. I’ll be blogging on that each day after it airs.  So look for that when the new season starts.  Remember, it’s on Lifetime now!

So, let’s dive right in with menswear 2009, specifically fall.  Now, I live in Dallas, where fall as a season doesn’t really exist.  We have summer and then it stays summer until winter.  But there’s new stuff out for fall that will work for all weathers.  One such item is military-inspired jackets.  Naval, or otherwise and there’s even some goth-y ones out there.  Thankfully, I’m already ahead of the game on this one having bought one 2 years ago at Urban Outfitters (it’s a little Adam Ant, but it works). 

Another thing that’s still gonna carry over from summer is the Deep-V-Neck tops for men.  Now, I’m of 2 minds on this.  First – if you have a nice chest, and the self-confidence to wear this – then by all means, wear it.  However, my other mind is saying that this is a horrible look on most men because most men are doughy and hairy.  But then that makes me feel bad.  Because if you’re confident, then go for it.  However, when you’re freezing your nips off…don’t come crying to me. I incidentally, I also got a deep-V tee at Urban Outfitters last year.  I think I wrote about this trend earlier this year, but whatever.  I changed my mind.

So, there’s 2 trends for menswear.  What does this mean?  Well, I pointed out that I have 2 of these items already to show you that just because something is a trend, doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing it when the trend is over.  Ultimately, fashion is about what makes you feel good and everyone else be damned (except in some cases…like white socks with black shoes or black belt with brown shoes…)


Normally, I don’t really go for Prada. Some of their stuff is truly classic, but then there’s the stuff in the Fall 2008 collection. Let’s start with the visible briefs. I don’t like seeing the boxers peeking over the jeans waistband thing, but at least that’s usually only used for casual dressing. Mostly. And actually, what I hate worse is the boxer briefs showing…it’s not sexy. Underwear should be worn, not seen (except in the bedroom). But then, Prada did this:

Prada Fall 2008

And all I can say is WHY??!!! Who would wear this in public? I mean, I see this all the time at Urban Outfitters. Their cashiers always seem to flash their underwear at me while they fold some shirts with some “witty” phrase emblazoned on them.

And Prada also seems to like the shiny this year. And why? We went through this when men sported the monochrome shimmer during the height of the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” craze. Seriously. Do we really need anymore shiny shirts and ties.

Lastly, Prada has seriously lost touch with anyone on the street with the addition of the following to their collection:

Prada Fall 2008 - Mens

Yes, that’s a mini-skirt worn on the outside of those pants. How emo and gender-bending. EYEROLL. Now all this being said, I do enjoy Prada. And I might even buy some of those stand-alone collars. But how to wear them without looking like a Chippendale’s dancer, I’ll never know.