September 2008

Where should I start?  Spring fashion is odd.  Well, let me rephrase that.  FASHION IS ODD.  It is – especially the couture stuff.  So, let’s go through some of the big shows from the big designers in alphabetical order:

– Burberry Prorsum:  SAD.  Literally, that is the theme.  It’s supposed to be sort of that “dour, gloomy, melancholy rainy day in March by the seaside.”  Which is nice.  If you happen to be wearing on such a day.  Otherwise, you’re kind of an Eeyore.















It’s modern sadness.  How…well, sad.

– Prada.  HAHAHA.  I love talking to you guys about Prada because honestly, they are a wonderful company, but their couture is SCARY.  If you’ll recall, we looked at last season’s line awhile ago and it was strange with underwear on the outside.  This season, it’s all about too short shirts with too long sleeves.  Yeah. No idea:
















It’s just like wearing those cut-off t-shirts that the gay football jocks always wore in 80’s porn.  There I said it.

Meh.  I’m getting sleepy watching Project Runway, so I’ll cut this off a bit early. But if any of you wanna take a look at the Menswear shows, go to  It’s worth it.


Ever wish you could actually call the fashion police on some people?  Those who have read this blog will know that I already consider myself the fashion police.  So what better accessory for the Fashion Cop on the go, than your very own pad of Fashion Citations.

Fashion Citation Pad


I only take issue with 1 item: High Waisted Pants.  This isn’t always a bad thing, if done right.  The key, of course would be to do it right – which I have serious doubts about anyone doing that correctly.   And while it’s a bit pricey at $4.50 for 1 pad, I have a few things from Knock Knock and they’re very good quality and worth it for the giggles from your cubicle-buddies.

Oy.  I meant to post this one earlier, but the thought only now occured to me.  So, the other week, my puppy peed on my comforter.  My very nice, expensive Dry Clean Only comforter.  Now, I had the opportunity to go ballistic and then when I calmed down I got to call around for a Dry Cleaner’s and pricing.  Oy.

So, I called Bibbentucker’s.  This is a small chain here in Dallas with EXCELLENT customer service.  I mean excellent.  But you pay a price for this.  A man’s shirt is $6.75.  Seriously.  So, they wanted to see the comforter before quoting me a price.  Needless to say, I didn’t.  I was too scared of the sticker shock.

I went to Comet Cleaners.  They claimed they were very good at getting pee out.  I should imagine, given bedwetting.  But, I had tried to sort of dilute the pee first with water, so they had to wash it anyway.  Now, they advised me that in future, the best way to deal with it is to just let it dry and they could wash/dry clean it as soon as possible and the pee would come out.  They took great care of the comforter and strangely, they put it on a hanger.  They also repaired a small hole in it.  I’m going to take my fitted sheet there next because last night I managed to split one of the pocket seams when I was making the bed.  Maybe I shrunk the sheet in the wash?  I’m not sure.

And now, I’ve got to iron something for work tomorrow and get to bed.

I’m not a totally vicious bitch and I rarely complain about some of the stuff people wear, because well, some people don’t have a problem looking like crap in public.  And that’s okay.  For them.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t go off on them here for dressing like they rolled out of bed and put on whatever grimy clothes they found on the floor.

So, I’m against capri pants.  I loathe that they made a comeback a few years (YEARS!) ago and now they are hanging on by a thread.  They are the leggings of the late 90s.  Now, leggings are popular NOW, but in the late 90s, they weren’t.  So the capri pant is out of style.  Particularly the ones that stop like an inch above the ankle.  WHY!?!?!?  That’s so unnecessary and to me, it looks like you just grew too tall for your pants.  It’s tacky and worse, now I have to see your socks.

Which brings me to a sock faux pas.  Seriously, guys.  WHITE SOCKS GO WITH ATHLETIC SHOES.  BLACK SOCKS GO WITH BLACK SHOES.  Also, I am of the belief that if you are wearing blue pants, you should wear brown shoes.  Because then you can wear blue socks.  But if you wear blue pants with black shoes, you should wear black socks.  This is confusing.  But blue socks often look the same as black socks in anything but the brightest light.  So guys, buy black socks.  ONLY. 

Ok – I’m done for this entry.  I’ll have another entry later this week with some shopping tips.  Because everyone seems to need them.