Ok, so the summer season is upon us which brings about several of my pet peeves.  It seems that the warm weather (or if you live in the South, like I do, the FUCKING HOT weather) turns otherwise normal people into public embarrassments. 

First, sandals.  I can see why they are a staple of warm weather.  Socks make the feet sweat and well, sometimes you get trench foot if you aren’t careful.  But for the love of God and Anna Wintour, PLEASE GET A PEDICURE (Especially men).  There is nothing grosser than seeing a gorgeous guy and then you look down at the feet and there is a nasty yellow toenail.  Gross.  Also, wear sandals when appropriate.  Wearing flip flops to go shopping, well, seems uncomfortable to me, but go for it if that’s your thing.  But wearing flip flops to a crowded bar?  Stupid.  That’s how you get your toes stepped on by people wearing the proper shoes.

Shorts: Oy.  I hate shorts.  Men seem to wear them for the most part correctly.  Women?  I’m sorry, but the length of your shorts should not be equal to the length of your panties.  Also, if your shorts are so short that bending over will make the world your gynecologist, it’s time to buy longer shorts (or invest in better health insurance).  The formal short that was in last summer is still in and I’m for it.  Seriously, it’s a good look (done correctly).

And now that my blood is boiling, it’s time to crank the A/C and sip my cold TaB while I get a pedi.